Froth Flotation in the Mining and Minerals Industry

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00:00:00 Froth Flotation in mining, minerals and metals
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00:03:00 Untitled
00:03:50 Abstract
00:03:55 Obligatory opening quotation
00:04:35 VIDEO: Ultramafic Nickel Ore Flotation-video
00:04:35 Industries
00:05:35 Synopsis of the Science
00:06:59 Ever wondered about the Golden Fleece?
00:07:38 History
00:08:43 Elmore process
00:10:03 Elmore process
00:10:28 Elmore patents
00:10:50 T A Rickard “The Flotation Process” page 25 Mining and Scientific Press (1916)
00:11:47 E J Pryor “Flotation’s Early Years” pp 217 – 240 in M C Fuerstenau, “Froth Flotation: 50th Anniversary Volume” American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers, Inc, New York (1962) Quote on page 219
00:12:35 Importance of the bubbles
00:14:07 Rickard (1916) (known as “T. A.”)
00:15:19 A M Gaudin ‘Flotation’ 2nd Edition McGraw-Hill (1957)
00:16:01 The overall system
00:16:53 Bulk and surface effects….
00:17:32 Chemicals involved in flotation
00:19:19 General plot of recovery against size
00:20:13 Particle size, collector, and frother
00:21:07 Frother
00:21:49 Collector
00:23:37 “Interaction” between the collector and mineral
00:25:13 Idealized situation – it’s all about the surface
00:26:10 The importance of locked particles
00:27:38 “Hydrophobic”/”hydrophillic”
00:28:04 Contact angleGaudin pp 340, 341, 355Note: “After Wark”
00:28:50 Contact angle (Klimpel page 11)Note: we now have ‘coal’ as the surface not galena
00:29:41 Xanthates of higher molecular mass give better recoveries
00:30:21 This relates to the contact angles
00:31:03 Direct measure of interaction - AFM
00:32:09 Electrochemical phase diagrams
00:32:56 Electrochemistry
00:33:30 The Wark and Cox papers
00:34:41 For oxide minerals, oleic acid is the classic molecule
00:35:20 Zeta-pH-flotation D Parrent “Separation of Pyrolusite and Hematite by Froth Flotation” thesis submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research in partial fulfillment of t
00:36:11 pH
00:37:11 Flotation & pH
00:38:01 Point of Zero Charge (PZC)
00:39:32 Untitled
00:40:23 Be aware of the chemistry…..
00:41:00 Selectivity
00:41:59 Efficiency
00:43:26 Time - kinetics
00:43:58 Time – kinetics - consecutive flotation cells
00:44:50 From Gaudin (pages 411/412)
00:45:41 Freshly cleaved PbS/galena
00:47:31 NaCN
00:48:08 Use of Na2S (depressant)
00:48:59 In the presence of NaCN then the plots are reversed
00:49:24 Sequence for mixed sulfides
00:49:57 Summary
00:50:31 References
00:51:33 Contact Information
An introduction to the principles of froth flotation and the importance of the measurement of zeta potential