Meeting global energy needs - How nanomaterials can change the world

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00:00:00 Meeting global energy needs - how nanomaterials can change the world
00:01:24 Meeting global energy needs - how nanomaterials can change the world
00:01:46 Meeting global energy needs - how nanomaterials can change the world
00:02:11 Contents
00:03:22 Energy drivers
00:04:59 Energy production and consumption trends
00:05:50 Nanomaterials used within the Energy sector
00:07:42 Nanomaterials (Energy) growth to 2016 ($M)
00:09:53 Energy value chain
00:12:25 Nanomaterial applications
00:14:11 Solar cells
00:17:13 Battery market potential
00:18:52 Fuel cells
00:20:28 Nanomaterials characterization
00:22:50 Particle Characterization techniques
00:23:51 Technology 1: Dynamic Light Scattering Instrument
00:25:49 Intensity Fluctuations, Correlation and Size
00:28:46 What the DLS Technique is Good at
00:30:04 Quantum Dots
00:30:57 Qdot® ITK™ 655 Carboxylated Quantum Dots
00:32:23 Zeta Potential
00:33:58 Maintaining Dispersion Stability: Electrostatic Repulsion
00:34:31 Technology 2: Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA)
00:35:37 An immediate visualization of particles
00:37:03 NTA Detection Limits
00:37:52 Technology 3: Resonant Mass Measurement
00:39:05 Measuring Particle Mass in Fluid
00:39:59 Superior Particle Metrology
00:40:37 Summary of techniques
00:42:08 Any Questions?
00:46:52 Contact Information

There is increasing interest and investment in the energy sector and in particular alternative energy production and storage devices. Nanomaterials and nanoparticles are playing an increasingly important role in this arena from the use of quantum dots in photovoltaic panels to advantages in fuel cell efficiencies that can be gained through the use of cerium nanoparticles. This webinar provides an overview of the applications within the energy arena along with some of the measurement difficulties and how modern characterization tools are improving to address the challenges faced.