Introducing NTA 3.0 software for NanoSight users

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00:00:00 Welcome
00:00:57 Getting Started with NTA 3.0
00:01:21 Summary
00:02:08 NTA History
00:03:27 Our aim with NTA 3.0
00:04:43 What’s new?
00:05:42 NTA 3.0 Demonstration
00:06:09 NTA 3.0 Demonstration
00:06:09 Key differences for NS300 and LM10 users
00:07:20 Installation/upgrading and backward compatibility
00:08:32 Support Materials
00:09:10 Questions?
00:17:50 Contact Information

This webinar will introduce NTA 3.0, Malvern's latest software suite for the NanoSight range, which is available as a free upgrade to any previous NTA software.

NTA 3.0 introduces a new work-flow, interface and significantly improved sizing algorithm compared to previous versions of the software. To help you get the best out of the new software we will demonstrate the new work-flow on screen using real samples and show how to use some of the lesser known functions and features. There will also be time for us to answer any questions you might have in a Q&A session.