OMNISEC for unsurpassed synthetic polymer characterization

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Realize the maximum potential of your polymer using unsurpassed characterization of molecular weight and structure using OMNISEC – our latest gel permeation chromatography / size exclusion chromatography system.

Dr. Mark Pothecary, Product Manager, will introduce the capabilities of the OMNISEC system specific to synthetic polymer applications. We will discuss how these technical improvements make for better polymer analysis data and results. The benefits of this in terms of product quality, development, research, and manufacturing will all be explored.

Topics covered:

  • Technology: GPC/SEC systems & OMNISEC
  • Technology: Multi-detection/light scattering/intrinsic viscosity
  • Applications: Synthetic polymer research and development and production 
    • Examples include: PS, PMMA, PLA/PLGA
  • Benefits of OMNISEC’s capabilities in these applications