3D Printing – The Next Industrial Revolution?

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00:00:00 Welcome
00:02:31 Manufacturing and 3D Printing
00:02:52 Contents
00:03:30 3DPRG Staff
00:05:15 General 3DPRG AM Equipment
00:07:17 New Equipment
00:08:20 General Research Areas within 3DPRG
00:10:21 Agreeing Terms
00:11:48 SLA_Slicing
00:11:48 Agreeing Terms
00:12:21 What is 3D Printing used for?
00:12:50 Standardised Definition
00:13:46 Process Categories
00:16:04 Vat Polymerisation
00:17:40 Vat Polymerisation
00:18:31 Powder Bed Fusion
00:21:05 Powder Bed Fusion
00:21:29 Powder Bed Fusion
00:22:32 Direct Energy Deposition
00:23:34 Material Extrusion
00:24:53 Binder Jetting
00:25:46 Material Jetting
00:26:19 Material Jetting
00:26:50 Materials – Printability Indicator
00:27:42 The Printability Indicator
00:28:02 Printability
00:28:14 Post-Processing
00:29:10 FingerTouch
00:29:10 Sheet Lamination
00:30:07 And finally...
00:30:48 Key Materials Questions
00:31:33 Key Materials Questions
00:32:08 Key Materials Questions
00:33:16 Key Materials Questions
00:34:08 Summary
00:35:23 Questions and Answers
00:46:23 Contact Information

Additive Manufacturing, colloquially referred to as 3D Printing, is being purported as the next industrial revolution. What many don’t realize is that this technology has been under development for over 20 years and has found application in a diverse range of industrial sectors. This webinar will outline what Additive Manufacturing really is and highlight the measurement requirements that are inherent in turning this technology into reliable and repeatable manufacturing equipment.