Malvern polyacrylonitrile characterization package

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00:00:00 Welcome
00:01:11 Polyacrylonitrile Characterization Technology PackageGPC + FIPA + DSV
00:01:59 Malvern Polymer Characterization Technology Packages:Webinar Series
00:03:43 Polymer Life Cycle From Cradle to Grave and Beyond
00:07:46 Introduction
00:08:56 SEC/GPC Separation Process
00:09:55 GPC Techniques
00:11:00 Triple/Tetra Detection GPC/FIPA
00:11:30 Triple/Tetra Detector Array (TDA)
00:12:27 Principles of Light Scattering - MW
00:13:05 Triple/Tetra Detection by SEC/GPC
00:13:30 Triple GPC Chromatogram of PAN Sample
00:14:16 Summary of PAN GPC Data
00:14:37 Mark-Houwink Plots Overlay of 6 PAN Samples
00:15:05 Triple FIPA Chromatogram of PAN Sample
00:15:25 Summary of PAN-1 Molecular Data
00:16:58 What is Dilute Solution Viscosity (DSV)?
00:17:14 Traditional Measurement
00:17:51 Nomenclature for Solution Viscosity
00:18:00 Huggins/Kraemer Plot
00:18:31 How Does The Two Capillary Viscometer Work?
00:20:07 Dilute Solution Viscometer (DSV) System
00:20:21 Summary of PAN-1 DSV Data
00:20:40 Summary of PAN-1 Molecular Data
00:21:39 Final Conclusions
00:22:09 Contact Information
00:23:03 Q&A
Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) also known as Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC), is a very popular analytical tool for characterizing natural and synthetic polymers. This seminar will show excellent results possible with our Triple Detection GPC systems for various polyacrylonitrile (PAN) samples. Molecular weight distribution and structural information are of special interest to PAN research as well as product and process specifications. This presentation will show GPC data that differentiated PAN samples with copolymer and/or branching features. In addition, we will show that FIPA can be a fast and reliable tool for process control activities. Finally, we will review our well established Dilute Solution Viscometry (DSV) technology which is often used for product release specifications. DSV, when coupled with GPC and FIPA form a significant single vendor Polyacrylonitrile Characterization Technology Suite.