NTA Virtual Demonstration

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00:00:00 Welcome
00:01:47 The Nanosight Technology
00:02:44 The Nanosight System in Action
00:03:40 Nanosight System Video
00:03:40 Principle of Measurement
00:04:06 Particles are VISUALISED not IMAGED
00:04:42 Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis Software
00:04:57 Sample Video
00:04:57 Particles are Counted
00:05:19 Relative Intensity of Light Scattered
00:06:00 NanoSight Detection Limits
00:08:06 Fluorescent Labelling
00:09:10 Technology FAQ (Practical Demonstration to Follow)
00:09:21 Technology FAQ (Practical Demonstration to Follow)
00:09:30 The particles are moving in 3 dimensions, however are being tracked in 2. Is this an issue?
00:10:13 Technology FAQ
00:10:28 How much light is scattered by a particle?
00:11:49 Technology FAQ
00:11:54 How reproducible is the result?
00:12:56 Technology FAQ
00:13:00 How is the system calibrated?
00:13:56 Technology FAQ
00:14:08 What effect do large particles have on measurement?
00:15:04 Technology FAQ
00:15:15 What are the physical sample limits?
00:16:45 NTA 3.1 System
00:16:45 Thank you for your attentionAny questions?
00:19:58 Reference Video
00:19:58 Thank you for your attentionAny questions?
00:22:20 Contact Information
Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) has been widely adopted in a range of different research streams for the visualisation, sizing and counting of nanoscale materials in liquid suspension. Here the methodology behind the instrumentation will be discussed touching upon how the system utilizes light scattering to visualise materials and the way in which this image is used to size and count particles. A technology demonstration will follow showing how the system operates and the data that can be obtained.