Improving polymer performance: How adding a viscometer to your GPC system can help

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00:00:00 Improving polymer performance: How adding a viscometer to your GPC system can help
00:01:38 Synthetic & Natural polymers
00:03:50 Molecular weight
00:04:56 Advanced GPC/SEC
00:06:05 The multi-detection pyramid
00:06:58 Why do we use GPC?
00:07:46 What does light scattering offer?
00:08:39 What does a Viscometer offer?
00:12:31 Traditional Solution Viscosity Measurements
00:14:48 Viscometer
00:18:27 OMNISEC
00:19:12 Viscometer technology
00:20:22 Viscometer
00:21:34 Viscometer
00:22:34 Applications
00:22:44 Dextran
00:24:18 Dextran Series – Mark-Houwink Plots
00:25:27 Cellulose derivatives
00:25:53 Cellulose derivatives
00:28:34 Hyaluronic Acid
00:29:55 Hyaluronic Acid – Linear and Crosslinked
00:31:55 Summary
00:31:58 The multi-detection pyramid
00:32:55 With a Viscometer you can…
00:33:09 …to…
00:33:29 OMNISEC Viscometer benefits
00:34:15 Thank you for your attentionAny questions?
00:36:41 Contact Information

Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC), also known as Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC), is the gold standard in analysis of natural and synthetic polymers. Including a viscometer in your GPC system enables characterization of the structure of your polymer samples, a key element of product performance. 

The introduction of Malvern’s newest GPC platform, OMNISEC, has brought to the market the most advanced GPC viscometer ever made. This webinar will explain the utility and benefit of adding a viscometer to your GPC/SEC system. It will touch on the development of the viscometer to demonstrate how the latest design used in OMNISEC will deliver the information you need to understand and improve the properties of your products.