Accelerate AAV Analysis with OMNISEC: viral titer and capsid empty/full ratios

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Developing controlled and economical rAAV therapies requires the co-development of robust and reliable characterization tools to control and optimize a sample’s critical quality attributes (CQAs).

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how you can use OMNISEC for the extended characterization of different AAV serotypes. You’ll learn how this technique allows you to evaluate and compare viral titer, capsid empty/full ratios, impurity and aggregate profiling - all of which impact the final product’s CQAs.

Importantly, we will show why OMNISEC allows you make measurements without the use of dedicated and costly reference standards that frequently limit the application of other methodologies.

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  • John Stenson - Product Manager Nanomaterials


Who should attend?

  • Scientists working in pharmaceutical and biologic analytical development, formulation and stability assessment.
  • Those working with viral vector development, gene therapies and associated sample types.
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