CNA: On-line elemental analyzer for iron & steel making

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Demand for Steel has been growing rapidly worldwide, especially in the Latam, Europe and Asia Pacific region. While it is very much essential to feed the blast-furnace with sinter of the right basicity, it is equally important to have raw materials of the right quality in the right proportion to produce high-quality steel. Similarly, for quality monitoring of bituminous coal used in coke-ovens to produce met-coke it is of paramount importance to know the calorific value, proportions of volatile matter, moisture, and ash content (proximate and ultimate analysis). With conventional techniques, it has been difficult to monitor the proportions of constituents on bulk basis without haltering the production process. Moreover, the existing techniques need site-specific calibration and have high CO2 emission costs. In this webinar, we will discuss an innovative neutron-based technique that enables rapid real-time measurement of the chemical composition of raw materials for bulk quantities. Unlike the existing statistical sampling-based laboratory techniques, in this technology, radiation penetrates the whole material to give more precise and consistent values of measurements.

Furthermore, the technology does not need separate sampling of material for analysis. Instead, continuous real-time measurement of material moving on a conveyor belt has been made possible with this technology. Compared to the old conventional hazardous radionuclide (viz. Cf252, Cs137 and Am241) based technique, this technology prevents prolonged exposure to harmful radiations.

We will outline how the Controlled Neutron Activation measures the elemental composition of different materials on a conveyor belt, passing through or over the elemental analyzer. Also, we will discuss the limitations of the technology and steps that can be taken to maximize the accuracy and precision of the analyses.


Rajendra Mishra - Product Manager – CNA/PFTNA