Enzyme kinetics characterization with Isothermal Titration Calorimetry

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Enzymes are the catalysts of life, accelerating chemical reactions in living organisms. Enzyme reactions are widely applied in industry, for example as ingredients in laundry detergents, in the production of cheese, or to synthesize pharmaceutical drugs.

To apply enzymes in industrial processes, a detailed understanding of the molecular mechanisms is needed, requiring in depth studies on their reaction mechanisms. Such mechanistic studies can be performed with isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC). The combination of binding and kinetic experiments with ITC provides a comprehensive and revealing picture of the molecular origin of enzyme mechanisms. To ensure reproducibility and quality of these data, careful controls are needed to prevent measurement artefacts and ensure accurate conclusions on the enzyme mechanism.

In this webinar, Gudrun Gygli, a researcher from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology will share her experience on how ITC can be applied to the study of enzyme mechanisms of complex, multi-substrate reactions and what control experiments and additional technologies can be used to ensure the quality and reproducibility of the data. This webinar will also cover the importance of sample preparation, and the advantages of ITC over spectroscopic assays to measure enzyme kinetics.


Dr. Gudrun Gygli - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Dr. Gudrun Gygli studied biology in Switzerland, biotechnology in France and obtained her PhD in the Netherlands in 2018. Her thesis work combined experimental enzymology with molecular modelling and bioinformatic approaches. The focus of her post-doctoral work has been the automation and analysis of large numbers of molecular dynamics simulations to study deep eutectic solvents. Since 2019, Dr. Gygli has been building her group at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, focusing on the study of enzyme mechanisms using experiment and simulation.


- Who should attend?
Researchers with an interest in characterization and modelling of enzyme kinetics

Scientists working on the development of enzyme products

- What will you learn?
Understand the basic concepts of ITC experiments and their use in improving the fundamental understanding of complex enzyme reactions

Learn how to measure binding and kinetics of (multi-substrate) enzymes with ITC

Learn how to ensure the quality and reproducibility of your ITC data (binding and kinetics)

Gain awareness of what to consider when comparing ITC to spectrophotometric data and what controls to perform for ITC and complementary technologies.