Introduction to Practical X-ray Powder Diffractometry

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Webinar abstract 

Presented by: Scott Speakman Ph.D - XRD Principal Scientist 

This presentation teaches the basic principles of X-ray diffraction and what information can be learned from an X-ray diffraction pattern. This presentation does not delve deeply into the mathematics or physics of diffraction, but rather focuses on illustrating the power of this materials analysis technique. It is intended for a broad audience—technicians, managers, students, professor moving from single crystal diffractometry into powder diffractometry, and those who are considering if X-ray diffraction could be a beneficial addition to their lab. X-Ray Powder Diffraction is most often used to answer the questions: what is in the sample and how much? With modern diffractometers, it is possible to load a sample, push a single button, and get an answer. But … where did that answer come from? How reliable is it? What other information might be available in the data? This talk will dissect the X-ray powder diffraction pattern and show the wealth of information contained within.


Webinar abstract 

Recorded on November 16, 2017 Duration 1 hour 28 minutes 

Panelist: Scott A Speakman Ph.D - XRD Principal Scientist Dr. Scott Speakman joined PANalytical as Principal Scientist in 2014. Prior to joining PANalytical, Dr. Speakman managed the X-ray Shared Experimental Facility at MIT for 8 years. Dr. Speakman earned his PhD from Alfred University, where he worked with Prof. Scott Misture on in situ X-ray diffraction analysis of ionic conductors for solid oxide fuel cells. He also was a post-doctoral research associate with the Diffraction and Thermophysical Properties group at Oak Ridge National Lab. Dr. Speakman is a Fellow of the International Center for Diffraction Data, the chairperson for the ICDD subcommittee on Micro- and Meso-Porous Materials, and was awarded a 2013 Infinite Mile Award for extraordinary service to MIT.