Zetium - Analysis of Ni-Ta thin films using Stratos

Stratos is an evolution of PANalytical’s market-leading thin film metrology software used in the semiconductor industry. This is achieved by calibrating primarily using bulk standards. By doing so, one reduces the dependence on standards that are layered samples, which can be difficult to obtain or certify. Layered standards can be added to improve the calibration and are referred to as TAGS.

Stratos is also able to reference specific TAGS for different sample types to optimize the calibration. Certified reference materials can still be used for ultimate accuracy (if available). Stratos also makes use of a step-by-step setup guide, called the Virtual Analyst, which simplifies and optimizes the setup of an application. It suggests the best possible measurement conditions for a specific sample type. In the past this has been a manual, time-consuming and tedious process. 


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