Determination of metals in Lime and Limestone using borate fusion for ICP-OES

Limestone ( CaCO3 ) is an inorganic mineral found in abundance all over the world [1]. I n its natural form it is often strip mined, crushed and processed according to the desired end-use. Two basic types of lime are produced: those with a high calcium content, termed "high calcium" ( CaO ), and those with a high magnesium and calcium content, termed “dolomitic lime” ( MgO•CaO ). The determination of metals in lime samples by inductively coupled plasma combined with optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) is not difficult to perform in itself but will require multiple steps if approached with acid digestions in mind. A single method that could include all raw, finished and waste products involved in lime production would be very appealing to many because of increased productivity factors.


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