Agenda released for Future Days: Semiconductor edition

Future Days: semiconductors' next exciting chapter

You’re probably wearing billions of semiconductors right now – think of your phone or smartwatch. And yet, advances in semiconductors continue to surprise us. Join us on June 5 for Future Days, a live virtual event where we’ll share all the latest on this hot research topic.

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Panel discussions, keynotes, and lightning talks: here’s what you can expect from this exciting event…

Optimizing crystal growth with computer modeling

Our special guest, Andrey Smirnov, Director of Business Development at Semiconductor Technology Research (STR), will deliver this chosen topic, “The latest advancements in the analysis and optimization of PVT SiC crystal growth using computer modeling” and “CVD Crystal growth simulation for SiC frontend use, will see him reveal the latest computer modeling techniques for optimizing semiconductor manufacturing. As the quest for more and more semiconductors in chips continues, the keynote promises a look at the cutting edge of semiconductor technology.

Semiconductor Technology Research provides specialized software and consulting services for crystal growth modeling. More than 200 companies and academic institutions around the world use STR software.

Equipment for semiconductor crystal growth

Dennis Seibert, Managing Director of PVA TePla, will present on “Silicon carbide crystal growth equipment for the semiconductor industry. PVA TePla is one of the world’s leading systems engineering companies, supporting key manufacturing and technology developments in the semiconductor industry.

Large-scale silicon carbide crystal growth

Dr. Slobodan Mitic, Head of Research & Development of PVA TePla, will present a talk entitled “Growth of SiC single crystals in large-scale R&D initiatives”. Jan will walk us through the latest advances, challenges, and opportunities in growing silicon carbide single crystals at a large scale.

I will present two talks focusing on “How crystal orientation metrology supports development of SiC super junction MOSFETs” and “Crystal orientation process support from seed to wafer“. I’ll present on the orientation determination of semiconductor crystals for several different steps of manufacturing (cutting, grinding,end control) towards a finalized wafer as well as applications in the front end for MOSFET trench orientation.

Offcut magnitude precision is evaluated to 0.003° 1σ within 10s measurement time. This technology enables the ultra-fast orientation of boules and a variety of frames allows precise orientation transfer to sawing or grinding equipment to maximize the yield from as-grown crystals. Automation options range from manual to fully fab compliant with benchtop to workfloor-sized installations at a throughput of more than 500k+ wafers per automated wafer tool per year.

Live roundtable discussion

We’ll bring together our esteemed semiconductor experts for an interactive discussion with you, the attendees. You’ll be able to ask questions and share your thoughts on everything you’ve learned throughout the day. We can’t wait to hear what comes out of these electrifying conversations!

Future Days Semiconductor edition will take place on June 5. There’s still time to sign up! Register here.

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