Instant material identification

A FingerPrint software module combined with an Epsilon 4 EDXRF system is ideal for material testing when analysis speed is important but the actual composition is not of interest. FingerPrinting generally involves little to no sample preparation and is non-destructive.

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Advanced algorithms do all the hard work

  • Spectrum-based: raw spectra are directly compared and subsequently pass/fail is reported. This is the most simple approach to set up. The spectrum of one reference sample is measured and can be directly used for pass/fail analysis for suspect routine samples.
  • Principal components analysis (PCA): ideal for positive material identification & authentication of several samples
  • Concentration-based: material identification based on certified concentrations without the need to measure all certified standards


FingerPrint can be used for various purposes:

  • Incoming goods quality control: validate material as it arrives before it is used in production with simple pass/fail reporting
  • Process control: discover disruptions in material composition
  • Final product control: validate the product before it is shipped with simple pass/fail reporting
  • Machinery monitoring: monitor the wear of heavy equipment and receive alerts before equipment breakdown
  • Positive material identification and authentication: identify the source of a product, and identify counterfeit material from genuine material in combination with a simple pass/fail reporting
  • Centralized control for multi-nationals: construct a library centrally for use during production


Easy to use

Analysis is conducted without operator intervention and data can be transmitted to a laboratory information management system (LIMS). The on-screen reporting is easy to interpret for regular operators, green indicates positive matches, red indicates mismatches. Principal component analysis (PCA) in combination with cluster analysis are powerful tools for automated fingerprinting applications.

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