Statistical Process Control

Monitoring of production trends

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is proven to be a valuable tool in many laboratories to monitor processes and performances of various analytical instruments. It performs on- or off-line statistical analysis of measurement results. This enables identification of trends in routine production and allows monitoring of long-term performance of the instrument itself. Such statistics provide a valuable tool for efficient quality management in any organization. Furthermore, the package supports certificates of analysis, as well as making it possible to demonstrate conformity with international quality standards.
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Key features

  • Multiple SPC programs run on- or off-line
  • Clear graphical displays facilitate interpretation
  • Limit violation warnings permit early action in the event of potential problems
  • Compatible with alternative packages (e.g. Quality Analyst) for off-line SPC


Statistical Process Control

With SPC in many cases a change in the process, or in the instrument performance, is noted before the measurement is out of control, i.e. when the results are still within the acceptance limits. Timely actions can be taken, to prevent the next batch of material being discarded, thus saving costs.

Apart from quality control, SPC can also be used to provide a continuous record of system performance for ISO-type laboratory accreditation.