HPC 900 - high pressure chamber

In situ XRD at high pressure and high temperature conditions

Anton Paar HPC 900 is a furnace-type heater optimized for in situ powder X-ray diffraction measurements (reflection geometry, Mo or Ag radiation) on powder and solid samples with gas atmospheres in the pressure range from 1 to 100 bars. It was designed to work with hydrogen, but other gases can also be used (please see chamber leaflet for details). A double-wall chamber design consisting of an inner pressure core and an outer safety shell is flushed with N2 gas to prevent accumulation of dangerous gas mixtures. Due to the environmental heating to 900 ºC high temperature uniformity is guaranteed over the entire sample volume. The thermocouple is placed right underneath the sample for accurate temperature measurement and control. For an easy handling of air-sensitive samples a gas flow ring enabling a flow of inert gas is placed around the sample insert port.

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Unique furnace heater for operation at gas pressures up to 100 bar

HPC 900 is a dedicated chamber for in situ X-ray diffraction studies of solid-state and solid-state-gas reactions at high temperature and a gas pressure to 100 bars. It is suitable for both organic and inorganic powders and solid samples. Basic thin film analysis and residual stress measurements can also be performed using this chamber.