Enter a new dimension of X-ray diffraction analysis

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00:00:00 Enter a new dimension of X-ray diffraction analysisThe new Empyrean
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00:00:54 Enter a new dimension of X-ray diffraction analysisThe new Empyrean
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00:02:41 Third generation Empyrean
00:03:09 Empyrean – the intelligent diffractometer
00:03:09 EmpyreanThe intelligent diffractometer
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00:04:36 How?MultiCore Optics
00:04:45 MultiCore Optics
00:05:23 Example of utilization rate of diffractometers
00:06:57 Validation of fees among different academic universities
00:07:46 Measure multiple samples - automatically
00:08:58 MultiCore Optics
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00:11:13 MultiCore Optics
00:11:13 Empyrean
00:14:20 MultiCore Optics
00:14:57 Example of multi-technique measurements
00:15:50 Coupled Bragg Scans
00:16:23 Grazing Incidence XRD
00:16:53 X-ray Reflectivity
00:17:19 Ultrafast Reciprocal Space Maps
00:17:39 Pole Figures
00:18:36 Residual Stress
00:18:41 iCore
00:19:57 dCore
00:21:01 Improved ease of use
00:21:57 The new Empyrean
00:23:03 Question & Answer SessionUse the Q & A icon and type your question.If listening on demand send your questions to: events@malvernpanalytical.comThank you for attending

We proudly present our new 3rd generation Empyrean diffractometer, introducing the newly developed MultiCore Optics. Traditionally, multipurpose X-ray diffractometers are advanced instruments offering the possibility for many different applications, each of them requiring a special instrument configuration. Dedicated optics must be attached manually by an operator with specialist knowledge. 

With the introduction of the new MultiCore Optics, Empyrean is now taking an evolutionary step towards a new concept for such a multipurpose XRD platform, allowing switching between many application configurations with no manual intervention. Curious? Then watch this webinar and be among the first to find out what a difference an intelligent diffractometer can make!