Particle Size Masterclass: Best practice with setting your size specification

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00:00:00 Untitled
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00:00:58 Particle sizing masterclass: How to set meaningful particle size specifications
00:01:14 Overview
00:01:56 What is a specification?
00:02:51 What is a specification?
00:03:46 Why do we measure particle size?
00:05:08 Why do we measure particle size?
00:06:05 Guidance from the pharmaceutical industry
00:06:56 How to justify specifications
00:07:01 Which particle size parameter should I use?
00:07:40 Distribution type & sensitivity
00:09:28 Particle size distribution statistics
00:09:58 Particle size distribution statistics
00:11:05 Particle size distribution statistics
00:12:11 Choosing the right parameter
00:12:34 Choosing the right parameter
00:13:12 Choosing the right parameter
00:13:17 Choosing the right parameter
00:14:33 Measurement precision
00:14:45 Definition of measurement precision
00:16:12 What factors affect measurement precision?
00:17:07 Measurement precision - sampling
00:18:01 Measurement precision - sampling
00:18:31 Measurement precision - sampling
00:19:24 What precision values are reasonable
00:21:25 Measurement variability
00:22:24 Measurement variability
00:23:38 How does measurement precision affect the spec?
00:23:43 How does measurement precision affect the spec?
00:24:24 Specification example:Tableting
00:24:29 Factors affecting the tableting process
00:25:48 Specification example: Tablet formulation
00:26:53 Specification example: Tablet formulation
00:28:02 Specification example: Tablet formulation
00:29:26 Specification example: Tablet formulation
00:30:06 Conclusions
00:31:23 Thank you for your attention!
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The most important thing when setting a specification is to relate it to why you need to measure particle size. For example, what aspect of product performance, or what part of the manufacturing process, are you trying to control? 

In this webinar we will look at how to choose the appropriate particle size parameter to specify product performance. To achieve this, we will describe some of the range of parameters calculated from the particle size distribution, and how they can be used with appropriate tolerances to provide robust specifications.