Standardless analysis of various sample types using Zetium spectrometers using Omnian

Analyses of a variety of sample types, including fused beads, pressed powders, metals, liquids and plastics, illustrate the performance of Omnian. This note demonstrates the flexibility of Omnian and illustrates numerous advanced features designed to enhance accuracy. All measurements were carried out on a Zetium WDXRF spectrometer.

In conventional XRF analysis multiple standard reference samples are used to make calibration lines for each of the elements to be analyzed. Preferably, these reference samples should have compositions similar to the unknown samples and when a large number of different sample types are to be analyzed, different calibrations need to be maintained for each type. This can be very time-consuming and expensive in terms of costly certified reference materials. Under such circumstances, standardless analysis with Omnian is a very valuable solution. With one measurement program, Omnian covers all elements from F to U and quantitative results can be obtained for a wide variety of sample types. 


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