Dissolution of Fuel Oil Using Borate Fusion for ICP-OES Analysis in Accordance with ASTM D 5184, IP 377 and IP 501

The purpose of this project is to demonstrate that accuracy, recovery and precision criteria in standard methods such as ASTM D 51843, IP 3774 and IP 5015 can be met by using borate fusion as a dissolution method for inductively coupled plasma emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES) analysis. This preparation step will be facilitated by using LeNeo fusion instrument. A lithium metaborate with 1.5% lithium bromide integrated (LiM/1.5% LiBr) flux is used instead of the lithium tetraborate blended with 10% lithium fluoride (LiT/LiF 90/10) flux suggested in the standards. This avoids the loss of silicon ensued by the reaction with fluoride and increases the solubility of the analytes found in fuel oil.


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