C-Tech tube

For a highly stable focal spot position

The C-Tech XRD Tube is Malvern Panalytical’s ceramic version of the XRD Glass Tube. Supporting the same wide range of applications, the ceramic technology improves focal spot positioning. Designed and optimized for Malvern Panalytical's older generation of X-ray diffractometers, these X-ray tubes offer a highly reliable X-ray source for a wide range of applications at a low cost of ownership. Being the world standard, the C-Tech XRD Tube is also compatible with diffractometers from other brands.

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Wide range of anode types 

The C-Tech XRD Tube is available with a long fine focus and can be obtained in a wide variety of anode types. Standard anode types are Cu, Co, Cr, Fe, and Mo, but others can be ordered on request. 

High power 

The C-Tech XRD tubes can be operated at high power settings, up to 3 kW depending on the anode and focus type. The high emission current (up to 60 mA) enables high power ratings at low kV.