Household chemicals

Providing solutions for the household care industry

Household chemicals are consumer products that are commonly used in and around the house and include hard surface cleaners, disinfectants, detergents and polishes. Such products can take a variety of forms with common products available as powders, tablets, liquids, gels, suspensions and sprays.

Malvern’s range of analytical instruments and application solutions can assist this process by helping to:

  • Reduce formulation time and ensure formulation stability.
  • Chemical characterization of products.
  • Verify product performance and consumer acceptance.
  • Optimize manufacturing conditions.
  • Monitor quality.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Benchmark products.
  • Develop appropriate packaging.

Particle properties are of primary importance when dealing with dry powder products as these can affect dissolution in the case of detergents or surface damage/cleaning efficiency with abrasive cleaning products.

Since many such products also contain surfactants then zeta potential and sub-micron size measurements can be useful in characterizing and manipulating the surfactant microstructure.

In the case of sprays the droplet size is often important for performance but also in meeting regulatory standards and needs to be characterized and controlled

Rheological properties are important when dealing with liquid products, suspensions and gels, as these are key criteria influencing product performance, stability and sensory properties.