Personal care

Providing solutions for the personal care industry.

The personal care industry incorporates a wide range of consumer products including face creams, body lotions and surfactant based wash products to name a few. Such products are complex rheological fluids that often contain a number of different formulation ingredients including surfactants, waxes, oils, polymers and perfumes. These must be formulated in such a way as to obtain a stable product with the required functionality and aesthetics.

Malvern’s range of analytical instruments and application solutions can assist this process by helping to:

  • Reduce formulation time.
  • Ensure formulation stability.
  • Verify product performance and consumer acceptance.
  • Optimize manufacturing conditions.
  • Monitor quality.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Benchmark products.
  • Develop appropriate packaging.

Whether a product is a powder, liquid, emulsion or suspension; particle size, shape, surface charge, chemical composition and rheological properties can all have a significant impact on product performance and quality. While some of these individual physical properties may be critical for a specific application, it is often their interplay which is responsible for defining the complex behavior required for market acceptance in many personal care products.