Improving performance in research, development and production of high performance, specialty and novel polymers requires understanding of product properties from molecular to macroscopic scales. Malvern Panalytical offers a wide range of industry-leading instruments fulfilling your needs.

No matter if you wish to measure molecular mass by SEC/GPC or apply the same technique to learn about macromolecular structure or the composition of copolymers, the OMNISEC offers the perfect solution of conventional or advanced detection systems.

Any process involving emulsions or dispersions can be supported by Malvern Panalytical’s Zetasizer systems. Zeta potential and particle or droplet size are frequently critical process parameters. A Zetasizer measurement takes just a few seconds allowing you to monitor your processes closely.

Rango de equipos Insitec


Rango de equipos Insitec OMNISEC

Sólido, confiable, medición de tamaño de partículas en tiempo real

El sistema multidetector GPC/SEC más avanzado del mundo

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Cromatografía por permeación de gel
Cromatografía por exclusión de tamaño (SEC)
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