Fecha registrada: April 18 2013

Small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) is one of the most versatile techniques for nanostructure analysis. With ScatterX78 PANalytical has developed a compact, detachable module for its Empyrean multi-purpose X-ray diffraction platform that allows to acquire SAXS data in a quality that previously could only be obtained on a dedicated SAXS instrument. Furthermore, the measurements can be easily extended high up into the WAXS region to yield complementary structural information. A 2D SAXS option is available to analyze anisotropic materials.

In this webinar we will start with a short introduction to the SAXS technique. We will then present the features of ScatterX78 and explain how the Empyrean platform can be configured for advanced SAXS/WAXS measurements. Several application examples that demonstrate the performance of the solution will be given. These include the characterization of colloidal dispersions, surfactant systems, polymers, nanopowders and fibers.