Fecha registrada: December 04 2014

Duration: 67 minutes 0 seconds

In this webinar we will show an overview of the applications which are possible with high-energy X-rays (hard radiations). Starting from transmission diffraction through highly absorbing materials, to in situ non-ambient experiments using high pressure cells (for the study of hydrogen storage materials), we also give a basic introduction to the total scattering technique and PDF analysis. This type of analysis requires the collection of data up to a high scattering vector Q (= 4πsinθ/λ), achieved by the use of short X-ray wavelengths. The pair distribution function (PDF) provides the probability of finding atoms separated by a certain distance; useful information about the long- and short-range ordering of the atoms in the materials can be extracted from the analysis of the PDF.
Subsequently we will show the new possibilities for computed tomography (CT) using hard radiation for the study of the internal structure of heavy and absorbing samples. This application is now enabled by the new PANalytical 3D detector.