Fecha registrada: April 02 2015

Duration: 58 minutes 0 seconds

In this webinar the automation of analytical and preparation instruments towards fully automatic laboratories will be discussed. The target audience is laboratory managers, production managers and quality control professionals.

In this day and age there are multiple trends to be discerned in the laboratories of production facilities. One is the increased cost awareness of the laboratory managers per unit analysed, and another is the growing difficulty in finding personnel that has the right competences to work in this highly challenging enviroment.

The webinar discusses the execution steps for production control as it grows towards more and more integrated, automated solutions. The impact on the workforce is shown, as well as the sample preparation and analytical possibilities.

As PANalytical has a lot of experience with the automation of laboratories, a lot of pitfalls have been discovered over time. Some of the pitfalls will be discussed in order to make the transition less dangerous for people who wish to move to (partial) automation for the laboratories too.