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Chemical and phase analysis at various stages in the cement production process is the key for efficient cement production of good-quality cement. With the introduction of the Cement edition of Zetium, PANalytical now offers elemental analysis using WDXRF in combination with the innovative THETA free lime channel. This combination provides the most essential process control parameters in an easy-to-use and reproducible way from one single instrument.

In this webinar, the authors focus on the analysis of the free lime content using a free lime channel on an X-ray fluorescence spectrometer. Free lime analysis is subject to various potential errors, which may yield poor process control. Arguably the most important source of error is the fact that free lime hydrates rapidly into portlandite during sampling and during sample preparation. This may lead to results that do not represent the true free lime content in the analyzed clinker. The THETA free lime channel is unique in that it measures the true free lime content through Total Volume Analysis. In this way the contribution of portlandite to the results is virtually eliminated, providing much more accurate process control.