Fecha registrada: June 02 2016

Duration: 60 minutes 0 seconds

Nearly all segments of the mining industry are facing increasing pressures from many sides. Stagnant markets, low prices, reduced ore grades, labor costs and environmental concern all contribute to challenge the profitability of the enterprises. In response to these pressures, many companies are looking for novel ways to boost efficiency.

Bulk material analysis is a technique to measure nearly all of a production stream, usually as it passes by on a conveyor belt. This webinar will focus on the CNA (controlled neutron analyzer), providing real-time oxide analysis of such material. The information from a CNA can help in the search for efficiency in a number of ways.

The CNA is suitable for measuring run of mine, typically after primary crushing as well as other belt-based process streams. It provides important information on the composition and homogeneity of these streams and can drive sorting and blending operations that avoid processing low-grade ore and reduce natural ore variability respectively. Even without these steps, the CNA can provide valuable feedback to help improve the mine operations.The CNA can also provide feed forward information to help optimize flotation and heap leach operations.

The webinar will focus on the CNA, how it works and different ways it can be used to support the search for efficiency. A companion on-line NIR (near infra-red) instrument QualitySpec 7000 will also be discussed along with the potential for these two instruments to work in tandem to provide a more complete picture of the processing challenges.