Fecha registrada: August 15 2016

This spectroscopy webinar focuses on the specific application of Raw Material Analysis and features ASD's LabSpec instrument.

In this webinar you will learn: 

• A raw material analysis application solution showcasing the use of NIR in testing system design and compliance review 

• Best practices to identify adulterants in raw materials and identify finished products for compliance using an ASD instrument 

• An example of the successful development of a unique library featuring more than 4000 validated reference standards for rapid non- destructive identification analysis using ASD software and spectrometers

About our speaker:
Danielle Baumgart is the President of Priority One Nutritional Supplements Inc. since 1994; Priority One is an international supplement company line with more than 120 products sold directly to physicians. Danielle also serves as the Vice President of Quality Control for First Priority Manufacturing Inc since 2000. First Priority Manufacturing Inc. specializes in custom manufacturing in the United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, The UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Caribbean.

Table of contents
1. 2016-08-15 How to effectively comply with raw material identification and purity requirements