Fecha registrada: February 16 2017

Duration: 75 minutes 0 seconds

The pair distribution function (PDF) provides the probability of finding atoms separated by a certain distance; useful information about the short- and long-range ordering of the atoms in the materials can be extracted from the analysis of the PDF. Because atomic periodicity is not a requirement for the analysis, the PDF method is best suited for the analysis of amorphous and nanomaterials, but also for disordered crystalline materials. 

The main requirement of this type of analysis is the collection of data till a high scattering vector Q (= 4πsinθ/λ), achieved by the use of very short X-ray wavelengths.
In this webinar we will show how the PDF calculation has now been implemented in the latest version of our HighScore software suite, from the initial data treatment of the total scattering data to the necessary corrections, normalization and the final generation of the PDF.