Fecha registrada: March 31 2020

The use of data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to aid the development of new pharmaceutical products is rapidly increasing. Core to the implementation of these approaches is access to relevant, robust analytical data – key to predicting the properties and performance of candidate molecules and drug product formulations. Data analytics can enable the elimination of non-viable drug candidates early in the development cycle and accelerate the progress of viable molecules, reducing the time and cost of getting a new drug product to market.
Although the importance of data is well understood, the pressure to reduce product development times and streamline QC often means that pharmaceutical companies cannot develop the deep understanding required to effectively select, deploy and maintain appropriate analytical technologies. These companies are increasingly seeking active partnerships with analytical instrumentation suppliers and contract research organizations to help them apply advanced measurement techniques to ensure the delivery of meaningful, robust data which can be trusted to inform decisions.

In this webinar, we will present a new joint venture between Malvern Panalytical and Concept Life Sciences, created to address the challenges of accessing meaningful data to aid pharmaceutical, agrochemical and food product development. This partnership will operate under a single client-facing delivery platform within the Spectris group. Malvern Panalytical has a long and trusted history in the development of material characterization techniques to support pharmaceutical product development and quality control. Concept Life Sciences has in-depth knowledge of the requirements for pharmaceutical product development and the regulatory frameworks which ensure data integrity. Together, we are building a unique service which will enable us to partner with our customers to release the true value of advanced analytical data.