Fecha registrada: April 14 2020

In this last in the series of 3 discussing optical properties/refractive index we’ll be dealing with ways that we can actually measure these important parameters. We’ll be talking about Becke Lines and the related Schroeder van der Kolk method of liquid immersion along with the Abbe refractometer dealing with the real part of the refractive index. This will lead onto a discussion of the imaginary/absorptive part and how we can estimate and determine this property by means of the Bouguer technique. Again we’ll emphasize robustness and the 3S (small, systematic, sensible) approach for gauging the effect of changes in these properties. We’ll look how the Optimizer in the Mastersizer 3000 software makes this robustness test easy to implicate.
In particular, this webinar will benefit laser diffraction users but also those using DLS and wanting to convert intensity distribution into volume.