Fecha registrada: April 30 2020

Additive manufacturing is a technology that makes parts from virtual three-dimensional computer models by building the component layer-by-layer until the part is complete. Due to efficiency advantages over subtractive manufacturing amongst other methods, this technique has begun to revolutionize the production of unique, individualized components, from printable custom vitamins to a boat, there are a lot of applications! There are a number of build technologies under development each with their benefits. In addition to the progress of the technology, the polymer filaments used to create the parts have been at the forefront of the research. One of the primary characterization techniques for the analysis of polymer filaments used in additive manufacturing is gel permeation chromatography (GPC). We will discuss the impacts of polymer parameters on their application in additive manufacturing and how to characterize them using advanced multi-detection GPC. In the webinar, collaborative GPC projects in the field of 3D bio-printing, and the use of Nylon 12 polymer filaments will be presented.