Fecha registrada: September 09 2020

The formulation development of nano-carriers, such as liposomes, requires pharmaceutical scientists to utilize various, in-depth physicochemical characterization techniques to establish and control critical parameters. Full characterization ensures effective and optimal process control and, most importantly, ensures that only safe medicine reach consumers.

This webinar explores Malvern Panalytical’s range of technologies for characterizing liposomes and how to leverage characterization insights for formulation development, optimization, and quality control.

As complex delivery formulations, liposomes are regulated by product-specific guidance from agencies such as the US FDA and ICH. These regulations highlight the importance of physical properties, such as particle size, particle charge, formulation structure, and phase behaviour. We will discuss best practices in following the regulatory guidance.

Finally, we will explore how these technologies can be used to establish critical quality attributes (CQAs) and how to monitor their lifetime development.

Complex drug formulations are becoming ubiquitous in the pharmaceutical industry and knowing how to utilize physicochemical characterization techniques will help you stand out against the competition. We hope you join us for this in-depth discussion on how Malvern Panalytical can help you get ahead.