Fecha registrada: July 22 2020

This webinar is dedicated to customers who are:
1. Interested in elemental analysis that is not only simpler but also faster. For instance, being able to analyse samples as they are, without needing to handle any acid digestion sample preparation. Or those who are looking to trim their overall sample preparation and analysis time
2. Interested in accurate results that bring you confidence whether you are assessing the purity of your precious metal, grade of your mineral or toxicity of your material.
3. Keen on an elemental spectrometer that is small and portable. This is so you have the option of keeping it next to your mine site or bringing out to the field in the back of your car.
4. And lastly, a device that is safe to use, without any exposure to X-rays. With open-sourced X-ray equipment like Handheld XRFs or XRF guns, users and employers need to take precautions to prevent scattered X-ray from harming you, your employees and surroundings. Malvern Panalytical’s XRF solutions are closed X-ray source spectrometers and only operate with full shielding, guaranteeing safe operation and zero tampering.

During this virtual demo on our compact XRFs – the  Epsilon 1 and Epsilon 4, our application specialists will demonstrate how easy it is to prepare samples - as they are, as pressed pellet as well as fusion borate- and operate the Epsilon system and software. The Epsilon 4 is built on the experience and success of the proven Epsilon 3 range of XRF spectrometer. See how you can achieve not only fast, accurate and repeatable results with the Epsilon 4; from fluorine (F) to americium (Am). This is due to its superior hardware; comprising of a 15-Watt X-ray tube, high current (3 mA), latest silicon drift detector SDD30 and compact design of the optical path. Moreover, because the Epsilon 4 is a push button solution, your company requires little or no operator training. Hence you can be reassured of obtaining more accurate and repeatable results. 

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