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We are in touch with our clients and consistently, the major concern is how to improve accuracy during elemental quantification. Why? Because every 0.01% margin of error has serious implications. Whether trying to maximize purity and sale price for valuable ore, minimizing cost through keeping a tighter control on additives or to limiting penalties or rework by controlling unwanted elements. In our earlier webinar series, we discussed about how to achieve precision elemental quantification with proper calibration of your XRF spectrometer, with reference to the wide range synthetic calibration standards packages available. In this follow up webinar, our expert chemists discuss in detail about how sample preparation is the fundamental pillar of accuracy in analysis. They will also discuss how having an in-depth understanding of your sample can help you achieve more accurate and precise results and the importance of characterization prior to developing routine analysis.

During this webinar,

1. Learn how your sample’s mineralogy and particle size can affect analysis and why sample preparation by fusion is more superior than pressed pellets
2. Gain insight to the factors which influence accuracy; from choice of flux to the weighing of the flux and more
3. Gain expert tips on choosing the right flux for your sample analysis and why purity of flux matters
4. Weighing of flux can be time-consuming and with routine tasks, there can be human errors. See how to combat this with smart automated weighing solutions like the LeDoser, so that you can free up 90% of your operator’s time to do other value-added work
5. Apart from smart flux weighing solutions, expand your knowledge on value-added offerings by Malvern Panalytical. For instance, TheOx fusion instrument enables easy barcode tracking of your fused bead batches and can be added to your LIMS system as part of your lab automation.
6. See how Malvern Panalytical provides support in every way; from smart lab equipment to application and technical support to set up and health check on your process

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