Fecha registrada: June 01 2021

Epsilon Xflow for direct analysis in (petro)chemical processes

Environmental impact. Price pressure. These are just two things that are driving the (petro) chemical industry to improve their operational efficiency. But how? One way is better understanding the elemental composition of the raw materials. Having this information at-line or online will offer data quicker and help companies make faster adaptations to their operations.

The Epsilon Xflow is an on-line analyser that provides insights into the elemental composition of liquid processes. The system enables X-ray Fluorescence to continue measuring the essential chemical elements during processing and feed this data directly to process control. The Epsilon Xflow provides valuable insights in several (petro)chemical processes like PTA production, desulfurization of hydrocarbons and blending of fuels.

In this webinar the Epsilon Xflow and its capabilities are introduced. And we’ll show you how you can benefit from this remarkable solution.