Fecha registrada: August 27 2021

Coal trading is a very competitive landscape. While end customers buy the quality of coal based on what is compatible with their boilers and furnaces, the traders need to be vigilant in sourcing and supplying right grades. Buyers impose price discounts if the coal’s calorific value and other key parameters fall short of expected values. To secure the contracted revenue and avoid any discounts, exporters typically tend to supply higher grades than necessary. This in turn eats into their profit and erodes margins.

Price penalties are also put in place if exports exceed the specific amount of moisture in the coal. This is since the moisture adds to transportation costs. Not to mention that since exports are typically global and long distance, breach of moisture limits can pose stability issues to the ships. In the worst-case scenario, such shipments at the port could even be rejected.

In this webinar, our specialist, Rajendra Mishra, will share his ideas about how coal mining companies, traders, and end – consumers can achieve a ‘happy buyer-happy seller’ agreement. And all through a powerful online monitoring tool using the CNA Pulsed Fast Thermal Neutron Activation (PFTNA). This is with a common goal of improving your ultimate & proximate analysis of coal. And hence supplying the specified value of calorific value and moisture; not more, not less.