Fecha registrada: September 23 2021

More accuracy and precision of your mineral grades can help you command the right price of your mineral exports. And we want to support you with our technological and mining expertise know-how to help you achieve greater throughput analysis, prevent any downtime while keeping your running costs low. Join us LIVE from Malvern Panalytical Australia’s application laboratory for this live demo on our Epsilon EDXRF benchtop; compact yet robust and powerful and the Zetium floorstanding WDXRF for high performance, high throughput analysis. In addition to getting tips on which XRF technology is most suited for your needs, pick up useful knowledge on sample preparation whether with pressed pellet or fused bead. See also how Malvern Panalytical's value added offerings like smart AI software or custom calibration standards can help you optimise your XRF analysis for increased accuracy, throughput and robust performance with optimal up-time and low running costs.