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The beauty of working in the research and development team, is to be able to look into the future and anticipate needs that our end users did not even realise they required before. Malvern Panalytical is proud to announce our latest version of the HighScore Plus software, version 5.1. Ever since its conceptualisation, our software developers have made improvements such as automated functionalities for not only more intuitive but faster analysis.

Some of the new features of Malvern Panalytical's HighScore Plus XRD software which enable easy automation and more accurate analysis:

1) “Smart Batches”: Creating an automated analysis is often hampered by a difficult GUI or because the analysis itself is very complicated. HighScore solves this easily by providing a graphical flowchart design and execution interface. See how you can incorporate decision steps as well as any number of feedback loops.

2) ”DDM Method”: Suffered with the prefer orientation in RIR analysis? DDM (the new RIR?) advanced pattern fitting methods can provide quantification of crystalline and amorphous phases. This semi quantitative data analysis method can satisfy your need without proceeding complicated refinement process.

3) ”RoboRiet”: Want to reduce the loading of daily routine job of XRD data analysis? RoboRiet gives you the automatic Rietveld refinements and profile fits of XRD phase quantification, amorphous quantification and more for process control to make your life easier.


HighScore Plus 的實際應用和新增功能

有沒有想過數據分析軟體比你自己更知道你需要的是什麼嗎? Malvern Panalytical最新版的HighScore Plus軟體,版本5.1。自其首次發表以來,我們的軟體開發人員已經進行了許多功能上的改良,並含括全世界上各種不同領域所需的XRD數據分析功能,如自動化分析功能、半定量成分分析等,且相容晶體學開放資料庫(COD),可提供您更直觀,且更快速的分析結果。

Malvern Panalytical 的 HighScore Plus XRD 軟體的新功能,可使自動化更加簡單,分析更加準確:

1)Smart Batch

2)DDM Method


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