Fecha registrada: May 12 2021

ProTide technology is a powerful drug strategy that enables you to realize the benefits of nucleotide therapeutics. By masking polar phosphate functionality, ProTides aim to overcome the poor pharmacokinetics associated with nucleotides. Their clever mechanism of action relies on harnessing the intracellular metabolic machinery to release and activate the desired nucleotide once it has safely entered the recipient’s cell.

The constant improvement in ProTide chemical structures, and the understanding of their complex in-vivo behavior, has led to several regulatory approvals to treat hepatitis B (HBV) and C (HCV) and, more recently, COVID-19 infections. However, numerous hurdles have yet to be overcome to fully realize the benefit of ProTides.

Join our panel of scientific experts as they review the challenges associated with the discovery of ProTides, their synthesis and bioanalysis. They will also present cutting-edge strategies to help you successfully overcome the challenges.