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The refinery solution for Euro 6, China 6, Tier 3 and equivalent sulphur in fuel regulations

Do you want to comply to the current ISO 13032 & the soon to be updated norm, with minimal sample preparation and low running costs? Do you want to perform your ISO 13032 test as easy and quickly as possible? Do you want to analyze, chlorine and additional elements at the same costs? And wouldn’t it be nice to perform your tests anytime, anywhere?

Now you can with the new Epsilon 1 for ISO 13032. This new edition of the Epsilon family is the pre-calibrated, out of the box solution for low sulfur analysis in automotive fuels. Without the use of helium!

This latest version of the Epsilon 1 gives you:

• The lowest total running costs

• Precise and accurate data

• Time savings by minimal sample preparations

• Ease of use

Do you want to know how the Epsilon 1 for ISO 13032 can make your low sulfur analysis easier, more reliable and lower your total running costs? Watch our introduction webinar recorded on July 8th or get in touch and we’ll show you how! 


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