Fecha registrada: July 22 2021

PowderCleanse is an Innovate UK funded project tasked with developing the concept for a fully enclosed powder management unit for metal powder based additive manufacturing (AM). Currently, recycled metals powders are tested periodically during recycling which means that parts can be built using out-of-spec powder before a problem is detected. Exposure to the environment during such testing may also introduce unwanted measurement errors as well as health and safety risks.

The PowderCleanse system addresses a number of these issues by combining automated sieving (Sievgen 04) with in-line particle sizing (Insitec) to remove oversize particles while certifying that the recycled powder has the correct particle size distribution. The system is also capable of detecting sieve mesh damage that could result in oversize particles or contaminants being retained in the recycled powder. This unit is integrated with Carpenter Additive’s Hopper – which is a foundational piece of equipment to facilitate closed-loop powder handling between operations and is a certified solution for safe transportation and storage