Size exclusion chromatography in the modern bio-pharmaceutical laboratory

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00:00:00 Size-exclusion chromatography in the modern bio-pharmaceutical laboratory
00:02:09 Size-exclusion chromatography in the modern bio-pharmaceutical laboratory Uses, requirements, technologies and applications
00:02:52 Protein therapeutics
00:04:21 Pharmaceutical Drug Development Pipeline
00:05:59 Protein Characterisation
00:07:10 Current uses of SEC - analytical
00:10:21 Current uses of SEC - QC
00:11:59 Multi-detector Analytical SEC
00:12:57 UV Detection
00:13:23 RI Detection
00:14:21 Static Light Scattering – Molecular Weight
00:15:20 Intrinsic Viscosity
00:16:35 Analytical SEC Chromatogram
00:17:52 Advanced analytical SEC
00:19:10 GPC in QC (qGPC)
00:19:43 Protein Aggregation
00:20:20 Oligomerization vs. aggregation
00:22:09 Aggregated BSA experiments
00:22:56 Aggregated BSA experiments – SEC LS
00:25:19 Aggregated BSA experiments
00:28:01 Qualitative aggregate detection
00:29:12 Current uses of SEC in QC
00:29:37 What more information can be collected?
00:30:03 What data can be provided?
00:34:37 Therapeutic protein sample
00:36:04 Analytical SEC
00:36:34 Molecular weight and oligomeric state
00:37:15 Conformational changes
00:40:09 Case Study – Membrane Protein
00:41:44 Membrane Protein
00:43:31 Drug Delivery Polymer
00:45:14 Summary
00:48:39 Contact Information
This presentation describes the positioning and usage of SEC as a technique in the bio-pharmaceutical industry. Common uses, regulatory requirements and standards, and the latest detector technology are discussed along with application examples.