Molecular characterization of therapeutic polymers and biomaterials

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00:00:00 Molecular Characterization of Therapeutic Polymers and Biomaterials
00:01:24 Untitled
00:02:01 Webinar Outline
00:02:59 Therapeutic Polymers and Nanomedicine
00:05:28 What are Therapeutic Polymers?
00:06:54 Common Polymers Used As Therapeutics
00:07:56 Accurate Molecular Characterization
00:09:14 SEC - The Separation Process
00:10:42 Triple or Tetra Detection SEC
00:13:51 Advanced SEC Configuration
00:14:57 Untitled
00:16:21 Application Examples
00:18:09 Glatiramer Acetate - Copaxone
00:19:11 Glatiramer Acetate Analysis Outline
00:20:05 Tetra Detection SEC Analysis
00:23:03 Photo-diode Array UV Data
00:24:30 Aggregation and Stability
00:26:03 Pentosan Polysulfate (PPS) - Elmiron
00:27:06 PPS Analysis Outline
00:27:49 Triple Detector Chromatograms
00:29:59 Structural Differences – MHS Plot
00:31:31 Polymeric Excipients
00:32:26 Accurate, High-throughput Characterization
00:34:10 Pre-formulation Analysis of PVP
00:35:13 Triple Detection SEC Analysis
00:36:52 Structural Differences – MHS Plot
00:38:15 Post-formulation Analysis of HEC
00:39:26 Triple Detector Chromatograms
00:41:43 Structural Differences – MHS Plot
00:42:58 Protein-PEG Conjugate Outline
00:44:11 Tetra-detection SEC
00:46:23 Tracking Aggregation
00:47:14 Conclusions
00:49:55 Tetra Detection SEC Analysis
00:51:03 Triple or Tetra Detection SEC
00:52:35 Triple Detector Chromatograms
00:55:19 Triple or Tetra Detection SEC
00:56:42 Structural Differences – MHS Plot
01:00:08 Contact Information
Synthetic polymers and peptides can offer advantages over small molecule drugs and can be tailored to impart critical binding, solubility, and biocompatibility properties. SEC has an important role in the characterization of these materials