The Tromp curve in the Mining, Minerals and Metals industries

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00:00:00 The Tromp curve in the MMM industries
00:02:13 Abstract
00:02:38 Often it is better to be second than first
00:03:23 H W Newton, W H Newton “A Study of Classification Calculations”, Rock Products, 35(16), 26-30 (1932)
00:03:52 “Het Patent Tromp” Paul Geilenkirchen
00:04:45 Lessing Medal
00:05:38 An aside - The US Jackson Pollock stamp….[Hear also David Hughes “Nobody Smokes in America” This Other Eden (1999)]
00:06:12 OK back to….. Klaas Frederik Tromp
00:06:33 KerkradeHe had successfully applied for a job at the Domaniale Mine
00:07:01 Coal Washing
00:07:50 Over 60 patents to his name
00:08:09 Coal washing
00:08:34 US Patent 2139047
00:09:25 Coal Washing
00:10:02 Coal washing
00:10:21 The original paper
00:10:58 Citation
00:12:07 Separation/classification/partition
00:13:34 Applications areas
00:14:38 Computation
00:16:58 Calculation Routes
00:19:06 Basis of the calculation
00:20:26 Separation/total fines efficiency
00:21:25 Mass fractions
00:22:34 Circulation ratio and circulating load
00:23:40 Circulation ratio and circulating load
00:25:22 Unit operations – milling processes
00:25:27 Unit operations – milling circuits
00:26:19 Cement
00:27:32 Cumulative and frequency plots
00:28:51 The Tromp curve calculation
00:29:26 2 ways of doing this
00:29:45 One example only!
00:30:41 It is convenient to designate 3 constants
00:31:33 The particle size distributions
00:32:22 We can then calculate 2 new values (A & B) and from these the Tromp and corrected Tromp values
00:34:23 The full spread-sheeted calculation
00:35:11 The plots Vertical axis is probability; horizontal is size (nm)
00:36:04 Malvern Application Note MRK1262-01Particle Sizing of Cement using the Mastersizer 2000
00:36:53 Practical and ideal Tromp plotsNote the “fish-hook” shape
00:37:33 Fish hook effect
00:40:17 Probable error of separation, ET, or Ecart probable/Ecart Terra
00:41:21 Many formulae for the curve
00:42:21 Bennet (1936) – the ‘B’ in RRSB….
00:43:29 Applies to nuclear explosion fragments too..
00:44:22 Untitled
00:44:37 Cyclones (air or hydro)
00:45:56 Cyclone design
00:46:29 Cyclones
00:47:18 Malvern Application Note MRK1262-01 Particle Sizing of Cement using the Mastersizer 2000
00:47:30 Death
00:48:14 References
00:49:02 Older Malvern white papers
00:49:19 Older Malvern white papers
00:49:34 Acknowledgements and Thanks
00:50:05 Contact Information
This presentation discusses the Tromp curve and its use in describing classifier efficiency.