Introduction to quantitative X-ray texture analysis

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Almost all physical properties of crystalline materials strongly depend on the crystal orientation. In practice, most commonly used artificial and natural solid materials are polycrystalline and show a texture, a non-random orientation distribution of the crystallites. Therefore the materials properties can only be determined if the texture of a sample is known.
X-ray diffraction is a widely used technique to determine preferred orientations from pole figures. The webinar gives a short introduction to quantitative texture analysis for the materials scientist.

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Panelist information:
Hans te Nijenhuis studied Applied Physics at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, with a focus on the field of physical crystallography. He obtained a PhD degree in Solid State Physics at the University of Nijmegen with a thesis on gas phase deposition of epitaxial layers. Afterwards he joined PANalytical (Almelo, the Netherlands) and is now working in the department Product Management X-ray diffraction.